Monday, September 28, 2009

Tips Membuat Situs Wap

You want to create wapsite? If you aren't already familiar with the term, a
mobile site is a mini website. It is similar in
function to a typical website but is different in that
its size and layout have been specifically
configured to fit the reduced screen sizes of
mobile phones and other mobile devices. Mobile
sites were created to solve the problem of typical
websites not showing up properly on mobile
phone screens and other mobile devices.
Mobile sites can be viewed from anywhere in the
world using WAP enabled mobile phones. Most
of the features available in websites are already
present in mobile sites. You can write entries,
post pictures, and partake in various interactive
activities like taking polls and surveys.
Mobile sites are often called WAP sites. Now you
might be asking exactly what is meant by the
acronym WAP. 'WAP' stands for Wireless
Application Protocol. It is a means of presenting
and delivering wireless information to mobile
phones and other mobile devices. The basic
purpose of WAP is to provide internet access
using your mobile phone.
More and more consumers and businesses are
now becoming interested in how to make a wap
site. Creating wap sites has rapidly grown in
popularity since so many people are now using
their cell phones and mobile devices to access the
internet on a regular basis. This is where the
details about how best to make wap site
technology easy to use and implement become
It can actually be quite easy to make wap site
functionality for any website. There are web-
based services available that allow you to create
and easily manage a mobile site. One of the best
around is called They are easy to use
and inexpensive too.
If you create a mobile site using they
will automatically convert the site to the right size,
layout, and format compatible to be viewed via
mobile phones. They also let you instantly create
and manage your own mobile site without
requiring you to have any programming skills or
other special knowledge about how to make a
wap site. They have a great control panel that lets
you to create interactive pages, add the contens, make
comments and guestbook, even publish reviews with total

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